Dry Eye Treatment Program

This program is for our patients who are suffering from chronic dry. Dry eye can be due to a simple factor such as age to more complex factors such as genetic factors, medications, or systemic diseases. It is our job to diagnose the root of dry eye and treat the cause in a step wise manner. Dr. Vahidi has spent an enormous time researching and aggressively treating Dry eye for the past decade. If you have any questions about our program please contact us for a detailed consult.

Binocular Vision

Our Eyes were meant to function together to produce one image for you to see. If any factors disrupt the eyes synchrony then the result can be double vision, headaches, eye strain and learning deficits. Through the binocular testing that we provide during the examination, we can detect if you have an imbalance and provide you with an extensive explanation and treatment plan.

Eye Disease

Eye diseases such as Glaucoma and Macular degeneration can cause permanent vision loss if not treated. These eye diseases can slowly cultivate and only present symptoms when its already too late to treat. It is extremely important to check for ocular conditions such as Macular degeneration and Glaucoma to help preserve your vision in the long run. At North Shore Optometry we take pride in our up to date technology and standards in diagnosing and managing ocular diseases.


Dr. Vahidi has been a part of the LasikMD team since 2011. She has been involved with the managing of Lasik, PRK, and Cross-Linking procedures. She is very knowledgeable about all Lasik and PRK related issues. If you are interested in Lasik or PRK we can book you in for a Pre-Op examination and a consult to discuss if you are a candidate for eye surgery.

Eye care for the whole family!