core services

Full Eye Exam

At North Shore Optometry Clinic, we strive to provide comprehensive primary eye care for the whole family. During this examination we provide you the most up to date prescription for your eye glasses and then help guide you with what lens technology fits your visual needs. During this examination we also test for ocular diseases by examining your ocular anatomy and physiology.

Contact Lens

If you are new to contact lenses, we can help by measuring and fitting you with the right contact lens for you. We will try a few different contact lenses on you and you will have a trial period to see how you adapt to them. We can help you with astigmatism contact lenses and even provide you special contact lenses to help you at near tasks.

Paediatric Exam

Often, vision problems in children are painless and can exist since birth, so parents can be unaware that their child is affected. Failure to detect these conditions can delay perceptual skills, reading abilities, create attention deficits and lead to difficulties in performing in school. At North Shore Optometry we provide an easy and friendly setting for children to feel comfortable while they have a full comprehensive ocular examination.

Eye care for the whole family!